Website Launched

Donated by Bad Dog Web Hosting & Design

Official Launch

We officially launched our new website the morning of Friday May 20, 2022.

The website can be found at:

The website has been donated by Ronald Garrison & Latisha Swier of Bad Dog Web Hosting & Design.  They have agreed to fully update and maintain the website for us.

Email Addresses

The site is now capable of providing us with official email addresses so every member can have an email address at:

Social Media

Lets face it, this is a different age, to reach our younger generations we need to also reach out on the ways younger people communicate, the website will now be tied to social media.  At the current time it is tied to our Facebook Group.

Share the Website

Please visit the website and share the link with your relatives, friends and acquaintances.  Share it on email, text, social media, any way you can to get the word out.

Suggestions, Questions or Concerns

You can reach Ron at

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